Sell Your House With Tenants Inside

Hi everybody, this is Courtney Buck and just wanted to talk you for a few minutes about what to do if you needed to sell your house fast in Atlanta if you need to sell your house with tenants inside. So you’re not necessarily living in a house, but you’re renting it out so you’re acting as a landlord right now. What should you do at that point? You want to sell it, but there’s still a lease in place. And that’s something that we can work with. Please give us a call at 770-696-6689.

What we do is we can still purchase the home and if the people who want to live in there want to stay, we’ll redo a lease, we’ll resign with them so they can stay as long as that next lease will be legal for. So that’s something that puts you at a peace in mind that you can still sell the house when you want to, on the timeline that you decide, and also for the people who are renting from you can still stay in there.

Now, if a person like a real estate investor, like myself, buys a home and decides that at the end of the lease he doesn’t want to renew it, we can do that, and that’s something we can work with the tenants down the road with. But by having tenants in your rental house, that’s absolutely an option if you decide to sell as to sell it with tenants in place, and we can certainly help you out with that. And we’ve done that in Cherokee County and Forsyth County here in Georgia, and would love to help you out. Certainly are options out there, so if you need to sell your house with tenants inside, give us a call, 770-599-7300. Thanks guys, have a good one.


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