How To Sell My House If There is an Abandoned Mobile Home On The Property

Hey everybody, this is Courtney Buck, welcome back, and I just wanted to tell you about a situation we have this week, when I was out looking at property in Cherokee County.

I went to visit a home owner who had several acres out in north Cherokee County. And not only did they have the house there, but they had some work sheds, they had a storm shelter, but they also had a mobile home on the property.

An old abandoned mobile home, and out in the corner of this lot, is where it was parked. It had systems set up to it, water, electric, and a propane tank was set up to it as well. But it had seen better days, it was a very old mobile home and whoever was gonna be the end buyer of this property, whether it’s me or another real estate investor, would probably have to remove the mobile home to get the most out of the land and the house. Basically, it’s an eyesore, and you can’t use it.

So what are your options whenever you have a mobile home on your property that you need to get rid of? If it’s old, but can still be taken behind a trailer, or behind a tractor, it can be pulled off the property. Now it does cost several thousand dollars to have all the systems taken off the mobile home and pulled off the property to be pulled off to a scrap site where people can take it apart.

Another option is, if it can’t be pulled off, is you can call the fire department, sometimes they will give you some kind of credit, or maybe monetary amount of money, or they give you some money, or you can just donate it to the fire department who will use it in training in a controlled fire, and that’s another option.

If it can’t be driven off the property, or pulled off the property rather, you have to call a scrap yard or someone who scraps trailer houses or mobile homes, to come out and actually take apart the mobile home piece by piece. Now this can be very expensive because they have to do it on site, and then they have to load up all of it and pull it away in a trailer or in the back of a truck over multiple days.

And then whenever you do that, if the mobile home has ever been suspected of being used for in nefarious activities, use your imagination as far as drug making, you know in rural areas sometimes these mobile homes can be used for drug manufacturing, oftentimes there’s chemicals that can be poured out of these mobile homes onto the ground around it. And you have to do something that’s called a Dirt Abatement Test before you can reuse that property, or resell the property. And what they do is, they come out and they take pieces of the dirt and they test it to see if anythings been dumped out or that particular part of the property’s been ruined in anyway and that can be very, very expensive.

So those are some options, neither one of them are cheap. If you can’t use the trailer house anymore, the mobile home anymore, factor that into your budget whenever you’re selling and/or buying that property with it. So my name’s Courtney Buck, if you have any questions whatsoever, give us a call at 770-599-7300 and let us know if you have any questions about selling your property, especially if they have a mobile home on them. Mobile homes can be a great investments for renters especially and let us know how we can help. Have a good one, and let us know hoe Courtney Buck Investments can help, thanks!

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